If You Know, You Know

Not too long ago this relationship started, and its Eleven years already.
Indeed this has been the longest relationship I have ever gotten involved, aside my family.

I have “swum across many oceans and climbed many walls”, all for the love I have for you.
In your presence and away from you, all I have been is myself.

Charisma, tenacity, energy are just a few of many traits I’ve demonstrated, all in the name of sacrificing for success tomorrow, for the two of us.

I have literally put my life on the line for you, and I have the scars to show.
I have been left alone to lick the wounds of my battles and now I know that these scars of struggle will forge my path to Greatness.

All indications cement the fact that I am supposed to be interest driven yet I have chosen to stick with the love I have for you. But are you ever going to love me back?
In my teen years I have lived for you, In my decaying years I will die for you.

Sometimes I feel alone but the sight of somethings you have shown at times have urged me on.
So now, I’ve banked every expectation for the rest of our journey together on the streets hope.

At this point, I borrow the words of lionel Richie “I look at this life and I don’t know where it’s going. I don’t know much, but I know I love you. That may be all I need to know”.

I know I have charted a path for many questions but all I can say is that, if you know, You know.

But, Still The Battle is The Lord’s.

My 30th Birthday

Today, I am humbled to have lived three decades in this world. O lord of mercy, I PRAISE YOUR NAME.

I am excited about the opportunities I have had in these past three and I am more enlivened about the next four,five or six more I will be graced to live. O faithful lord, indeed YOU ARE NOT A MAN TO LIE.

I am thankful to have survived through thick and thin in this world. Some battles I have won but more importantly, many are the lessons I’ve learnt. Life goes on, win or lose.

In this time, the most important thing I have gathered is that, family comes first. I have decided to love those who love me and spend time where I’m appreciated. I have surrendered to pursuing relentlessly all of my aspirations because without any, what is a man living for? And YES.! I am trying NEW things.

It is hard to be a good man, considering majority of humanity embrace hypocrisy over honesty but that is just a way of protecting their interests; this world is hard, blame not another man.

Did I say love is a fallacy? Well, at this point, I say that whatever is true must be fought for, and definitely includes love. Its a fascinating desire. Remember..! Never say never.

In spite of all this, there is alot of love to go around for everyone. Just be the good person you’d love to meet; you’ll be amazed by the ripple effect.

I’ve been bruised, hurt yet survived the claws of death many times.
I am crossing all the monkey bars in my life;
so I have reconciled with my past and with open arms, I embrace the future.

It is time for me to be GREAT
I will stand up
I will move on
I will fight
I will win
3ny3 Kasa

Happy Birthday to me.


Many times, i had settled in my thoughts that all who were around me, were in support of me, but they were just around for the support they got from me

Some times, were hard for me, thinking that I was just plying one of life’s plateaus, but it was just life showing me, where I truly stood

Often times, I had felt my competitors only wanted me out of the race, but they actually wanted me dead and gone; never to race

Countless times, my heart skipped a beat, thinking I’ve found my sunshine, but I had ridden on false pulse into the the shadows of the night

Fighting for my passion, to me, has been the only means to achieve, then I realised I am built not only to fight to win, because I could be winning without fighting at all

Showing strength, has been my only way to cover weakness, but I discovered that, showing weakness was a great way of hiding my strengths from all who envy me

Numerous times, I have perceived that all I saw was in flesh and blood but was just a shadow

My Person

It’s been up and down; well that is just life
It’s been soft and tough; again that’s what makes it a fight

For what has tasted bitter may be sweet in the end
For my tears may have measured a litre but may just be Coke after all

Some may have seen me falling but i may have just been stumbling
Seeing what has been seen and forgotten, may appear new again

Sometimes it may not be black or white but something in between
Emotions may be cast in stone but they may be soft again

Hold my hand and feel the vibration of my touch
Feel my embrace and sense my valour

For your love, I’ve been through hell, for the same, I will do it again

Today, we’re here as I watch you talk all day and smile throughout night
Today I have felt heart and I know our souls had connected

If you ask me, I’ll say that I’ve seen time turn my tears into smiles and will remain like this forever because you’re My person.


Truly, I’m confined within the borders of my homeland so I can’t tell you that I’ve been around the world

Truly, I’m just a local boy with global goals. I’ve tasted failure as much as I have success but because I still stand, I can say that the spirit in me is one of war.

Truly, I’ve been through fire and back so I can say that I am forged from aggression

Truly, I’ve seen many people and felt the essence of their being so I can say I know many people

Truly, I have touched their souls as I felt their hearts so I can say none of them is beautiful inside out

Truly, of all the places I’ve been and the people I’ve seen, none has claimed a space in my heart like you have so I can say you are the love of my life.

Truly, many have been called into my life but only you have been chosen so I can say you mean everything to me.

Truly, we have been back and forth but this time around it’s onward for us and never backwards

Truly, you’re the salt of my life so I decree you’re the taste I live and die for

Truly, before you leap, you must look and if you look up, you will see what’s meant for you because nothing under this sun can be hidden.

Truly, I love you  

Sugar Banana

I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the
business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying what is true.

I’m in love with you but you’re all the way across the globe and all I can do is hear myself scream “I love you” into the void of the earth, then feel it vanish into oblivion like it was said.

I’m in love but my feelings are getting cold because the distance is getting longer with the time we spend assunder.

I’m in love with you but I stand on the boarder of dilemma flanked by an army of hope in the presence of doubt.

I’m in love with you but the way forward is unclear; looks like a marsh land covered by dry grass.

I’m in love with you yet I hunger for the sweetness of your warm embrace. You showed me your hidden smile and I became obsessed with how good it looked on you.

I’m in love with you, so today I choose, I choose to dive in the sea of hope, believe and trust because you’re my sugar Banana.

Caught By An Eagle


You already took my breathe away
You already have my soul with you
Its your heartbeat I feel all day
I’m an empty soul without you

This journey I’ve taken before
This feeling I’ve felt before
These words I’ve written before
The end I’ve seen before

I’m so happy right now
I’m scared I’ll shoot myself in the foot
I know the stretch of this race
So I’m preparing to lace my boot

Everything here is smooth and nice
All day I feel like hot water on ice
The forces here are stronger
I’m hooked onto your claws and I’m not letting go
Okodie take me away…
But the strong man is scared
I have been caught by an eagle

Ebony; Tribute by Kwame Nimako


I heard your song Kupé and asked myself; “who’s this Wanna be ivorian”
Your later songs proved you were not only dynamic but the long awaited female dancehall totalitarian.

You see the way you swung your waist by heart, dressed wildly like a swahili huntress, these were the very things Ghanaians loved about you.
Yet you were bustardised brutally for them.
I conclude that most Ghanaians are hypocrites.

This popular guy in my hood is a “draft king” and testifies your songs provoke his creativity. How does he survive now?
My choice of women has always been black, you certainly made that cut since you also had some height too. How do I ever get to hangout with you.

The frozen claws of every man’s inescapable end has pricked your bubbly heart and killed your infectious smile.You have saddened the hearts of millions. You’ve saddened the heart of a lion;You’ve iced my heart. I’m cold and speechless.
OH EBONY! May you find a resting place.
90’s BadGirl


With you, I’ve been back and forth 

With you, I’ve may have kept too long

I’ve seen your smiles countlessly

I’ve felt your heart endlessly

You’re pure, you’re bright and if indeed there’s a morning star; that’s all I can say you are

Here I am watching you give to me all I’ve ever wanted, but still I stand, how to take it I’m still wondering

My soul is wandering, my heart is trembling, how I’m still alive is just baffling

I’m not mad, I’m not stupid, maybe somewhere in between; I’m still lying tepid

At the well of reason,I’m left alone to drink but NO! I’m shell-shocked.  How?

Could i be on emotional hibernation,merely torpid or plainly stupid? I have been badly injured by shocks; now I lack the guts to turn on a Switch.

I’m in crisis with my confidence but all I need is the passing wind to scream I LOVE YOU.

Crazy World

So “A Dead Man” popped my thoughts into further revelation and through this I’ll shout out to his peaceful soul wherever it’s resting; Lucky Philip Dube.
The same way all men are to be born ;”freely”. Yet some are cut out as entry,others die upon entry. One thing comes to mind; we don’t all get what we deserve. 

What is life if there are no ups and downs?What is life if there are no ins and outs?

The answer to this puzzle in which we are, is certainly subjective from a person to another.At this point of my life in this world,I certainly would answer by saying, “it is no life at all”.

What is nice does not always belong to nice people. What is not, doesn’t belong always to the such either.

Some receive good things, others set out to find them. Some hear good words,others hardly recognise them. 

A praise to a great steward is in order but does it follow this order? Certainly not. The heart of a man is truly his because it yields only to his thoughts. 

The people you’re willing to die for are the very same, easily to let go off you at the slightest test. What you value should be tried and tested.

That which you have is what another yearns for yet one has used and dumped and vowed never to set eyes on. Haha! Your treasure is waste to somebody. 

The love you so much cherish, is that which another sees not and cares not about until they loose it. Then you hear them cry “if I knew”. 

Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be. Mistakes are part of life but once you make them, live not to repeat them. 

A hero today could be a villian tomorrow. This world remembers shortly your Good and forever your bad. 

Live with love, please who you can because before you know another man pays you evil for doing good. 

Once a Man asked ” What is this world we live in?” I replied “We live in a Crazy world”.  

3ny3 Kasa